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Where I've been

Well, I've been absent. I told myself I'd start this and stick to it, and I haven't.

It's not hard to believe. I have a dog, I have my tiny family, I have work where I actually make an income I rely on. I have hobbies I need to make more time for, like reading and writing. Ironically, those hobbies would at least appear to line up with this blog, but they don't. Because the problem arises when it's time to make posts. Content creation.

The truth is, content creation is a large part of my job and I get exhausted. I spend 100% of my day on a computer, and I have limited hours at home at the end of the day. Hours of daylight are slowly disappearing. It leaves me feeling like I'm running out of time, although I'm not sure what I'm running out of time for.

The last thing I feel like doing when I get home from work is jump on another computer. I hardly read, unless the book is deemed worth it and I can find time during the week. Weekends are my reading time. And writing is a joke. I almost never have time for that, and I hardly make time for it on the weekends. But I'd like to.

I'm trying to keep up on Instagram. It's hard. I don't have a lot to share. I have a collection of books, but I don't have the time or space to put together elaborate spreads to shoot in advance so I have something to post. I don't have words to say. All I have is the book I'm reading at that moment, quick pictures I can snap of it, and a few words about the changing seasons and weather.

It feels like I'm failing at this. I'm not. You can't really "fail" at this. I'm just not performing to the standards I set for myself. But that just means I need to adjust.

I'll post when I feel like it. Instagram will be somewhat all over the place. Books, witchcraft, whatever I feel like sharing. Not just books anymore. And this blog is going to change so it's something I actually want to interact with. So it will evolve as my interests do.

That's all. XO

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