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TLA: Chapters 10-18

Hello again lovelies! Let's talk about chapters 10-18.

Again, I find myself bored and unimpressed with Caroline. She's letting her husband of 10 years walk all over her. I guess I just don't vibe with characters like that? But it's a book, and sometimes stories need characters like this.

On the plus side, it seems like she is starting to stand up for herself a little bit. But barely. She let James know she didn't want him to come, but they're still sharing a room. And she's letting him convince her that she's the one in the wrong here. He pulled the whole "you took the job, not me" card. Yes, she made the decision to do it, but he didn't give her much of a choice or encourage her to follow her dreams. She didn't accept the job because she wanted it; he told her it would be good and convenient, and she didn't exactly have other options.

I sympathize for Caroline here. It's almost like he's gaslighting her. She's saying she wasn't happy, and he's saying it's her own fault she wasn't happy.

But let's be real, I'm hardly even interested in this part of the story. I'm all about Nella and Eliza. Well, sort of. I'm mostly for Eliza at this point. Nella is getting on my nerves.

She's being rude to the young girl for no reason, at least in my opinion. She ends up opening up to her a little, but it didn't feel organic to me. It felt like we needed an excuse to hear the rest of Nella's story, so we settled for her telling Eliza.

I'm very curious about what's going to happen with this poison. It feels like we're building up to something, and we're halfway through a rather short book, so something has to happen soon. And at this point, I think it will have to do with Lady Clarence. There's so much at stake with that deal, I don't know how any other conflict can be smoothly introduced and make sense.

Honestly, I'm just not seeing the correlation between Caroline discovering the apothecary and Nella and Eliza's story. It feels like we're just witnessing two situations that aren't actually connected, but we're supposed to feel a connection. I don't know. Maybe that will come later?

I can't really see where Caroline's discovery will lead. She seems like she needs to settle things with her husband, and she's just using this apothecary research as a distraction. And the reader is lucky enough to get to see the actions in the past that led to the remnants Caroline is finding in the present. But that's not enough connection for me. It's too loose and not at all meaningful.

These are my thoughts so far. But I'd love to hear yours. Whether you're reading the book right now, you finished it recently, or you have a review of your own posted somewhere, let me know! No spoilers, though!

Until next time.


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