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TLA: Chapters 1-9

Yay, our first weekly post! Let's get into it.

These first 9 chapters were definitely interesting, that's for sure. I'm kind of obsessed with everything going on in the past in this story. Nella and Eliza are super interesting to me.

Nella had a really bad feeling when she received the letter from Eliza, and I think this is going to foreshadow something. I'm just not sure what that will be.

At first I thought we would just be getting Nella and Eliza's points of view. I'm glad Eliza's was thrown in there as well, and I find myself wondering if the story will end up revolving around her. Also: is she pregnant, or is she just experiencing her first monthly cycle?

I think it's just her first monthly cycle, but is it a coincidence that this would occur after her experience with Mr. Amwell?

As for Caroline, I'm finding her parts a bit dull. But maybe this is because I'm not sure I relate to her character. She pretty much set all of her dreams and aspirations aside once James decided to propose, and let him steer her life the way he wanted it. And even now, she doesn't seem to have much to say about James coming to London. He has a complete disregard for her and her personal space.

But I also understand this is who Caroline is, and I think this story is going to be about her changing and finally living the life she has wanted.

I believe this is a debut novel, so I'm trying not to be too harsh with my thoughts. But also, what is my opinion in the grand scheme of things? It's early on in the book, but I'm having trouble seeing a connection between Caroline and the story taking place in the past. I understand there are common themes of motherhood and cheating men. As of now, the connection feels loose and coincidental rather than like fate intervening.

Again, the story is just beginning. But this is also a rather short book, so I'm worried about how this connection will develop given the page limit here.

These are all of my thoughts for now. What did you think? I've started a small, light discussion about my favorite characters on the forum page. Jump over there and join in. I'd love to hear more thoughts!

If you've written a spoiler-free review over this, I'd also encourage you to send it my way. As long as it won't spoil the book, I'd love to read them.

Until next time!


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